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ABV 3.9%, available in cask

Extra pale, light, hoppy

America's finest hops, fashion a smooth mellow bitterness whilst their southern hemisphere cousins provide a fresh passion fruit aroma in this pale session beer.


ABV 4.4%, available in cask

Copper coloured, mellow, biscuity

This traditional reddish bitter has a light malt body which is finely balanced with a delicate hop bitterness, providing a modern take on a classic British ale style.


ABV 4.5%, available in cask

Pale, citrusy, refreshing

This modern beer style is guaranteed to appeal to wide spectrum of tastes. Bursting with flavour and character, this light fresh ale epitomises contemporary craft brewing.


ABV 5%, available in font

Cloudy, zesty, spicy wheat beer

Complex aromas and flavours of clove, coriander and vanilla interwoven with earthy undernotes, combine to create this singularly refreshing continental style cloudy wheat beer.


ABV 5.5%, available in cask and font

Pale, golden, dry, bitter

Four diverse hop varieties drawn from across the globe combine to create complex yet well-balanced golden, dry IPA style beer.


ABV 5.5%, available in cask and font

Jet black, thick, roast & liquorice flavours

This serial award winner is a true representation of the beer style; smooth, jet black, dry and bitter. Balanced roasted barley flavours with a hint of liquorice leave you eager for more.

Imperial IPA

ABV 7.4%, available in cask and font

Golden, dry, strong, implausibly hopped

The unique flavours of this highly complex ale gradually develop and mature over a conditioning process with a duration of sereral months. The result is a golden, dry and implausibly hopped ale. Relax and take time to savour the intricate flavours of this beer.


ABV 5%, available in font

Clean, crisp, sharp

Brewed in accordance with the Bavarian purity law of 1516, Outstanding Pilsner is a light golden lager beer with a subtle herbal hop and malt aroma. The taste is clean and crisp with a dry and gentle hop finish.


ABV 4%, available in font

Light, refreshing, lager beer

This lager outclasses its rivals with its crisp clean herbal hop flavour and refreshing dry finish.