About Us



Brewer, philosopher, technician and mediator.

Since 2004

“Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus”

Own: Stout  Other: Schneider Aventinus

Professionally unphaseable, yet uncontrollable in pound shops.

Glen’s great grandfather invented the question mark.



Bits ‘n’ bobber, trainee brewer.

Nothing of relevance.

“That’s what she said!”

Own: White   Other: Strongbow (I know it’s not beer).

The infamous Death Scowl.

Lauren is massive Manchester United fan and is a keen footballer herself. After trials at a premier league club, her promising career was only cut short by her choosing to sport a conventional hair style and her inability to interlace a ridiculously oversized tie knot.



Celestial being, master of all he surveys and head brewer.

Since 1992

“Have you any idea what you are doing” & “Has anyone seen my van keys?”

Own: Any of his Other: Carling with “chill indicator” thermochromic can.

Shooting the messenger.

Surprisingly, Dave once met someone who actually didn’t know who he was.



Accountant, administrator, cellar serviceman, deliveryman, filtration expert, salesman and hair stunt double for Jon Bon Jovi circa 1986.

Since 1997

“Because I’m worth it”

Own: IPA Other: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Armed with his trusty GHD’s Alex can straighten his voluptuous and silky smooth locks at a rate of 3.6 metres per second.

Alex shares his metabolism with the common water vole, resulting in loss of consciousness in the event that he is not fed every 10 minutes.



Brewer, legal expert and tea making critic

Since 2008

“Have we got enough chips?”

Own: Monkey Gone To Heaven Other: Little Creatures Pale Ale

After coming through the ranks of Formula Ford, mentoring his understudies Hamilton and Button, prompt deliveries are assured with Paul at the wheel of the transit.

A highlight in Paul’s former career was when he ceremonially opened Milton Keynes bingo hall and roller-rink engaged as a look-a-like for former Eastenders,  Heartbeat & Harbour Lights (less so) heart throb Nick Berry.